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NEW EnsureDR 0.8.2

Extenging DR Tests to
Cyber & Database

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New Features

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Strengthen your cyber defense to another site

Gain maximum efficacy through a business security platform approach that expands your protection with a different engine. Further, the solution makes a full and deep scan of the organization cloned environment. EnsureDR runs a deep scan of your mirrored servers in the recovery site, while they are turned-on in a bubble environment. It can detect malware that may have slipped the organization defenses since it uses a deferent scan engine. It also runs an update just prior to the actual scan, and by that detect any zero-day threats.
Every device is an entry point for activities launched by an attacker on any network. This fact requires you to innovate and implement reliable defense mechanisms for every node in the network. Our cyber defense to another site provides an open integration fabric that allows disparate products to co-exist on different websites which detect hidden threats and uncover risks, while not affecting the original production. It’s the power of cybersecurity products working together and checking each other.
This is EnsureDR Infinity. The first of its kind security architecture that uniquely combines industry-leading threat prevention to protect you cross all networks, cloud and security vendors, from Kaspersky to Avira and so on.

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The safest way to test & recover SQL and ORACLE Server schemas

Database Testing is checking the availability and consistency of the database part of Disaster-Recovery test. It verifies data integrity, and compatibility with a basic query that will prove that your databases can be recovered on the DR. Taking a data warehouse live without erudite testing is a perilous risk especially when managing ETL systems.
Save time testing your databases. EnsureDR will automatically assess if your databases can recover in DR and by that remove any hassle of manually assessing them.
With EnsureDR you get to predict the database recovery problems in advance and avoid dealing with them at disaster points. EnsureDR reveals DB problems as part of this automated testing ability, which increases your DR site readiness dramatically. EnsureDR solution assures the quality and integrity of data during the process.

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Servers recovery live video, actual RTO vs planed RTO, dynamic HTML report

Testing your recovery rapidly is more crucial than ever. We offer an easy way to analyze recovery data in real time. We assess all server and drives model to discover underlying insights. Our accurate and validated reports allow you to understand your server functional state, network, defective systems, and faulty applications.
Moreover, a compressed standalone HTML report can be sent to the user after a test has finished. This HTML version report includes a compressed version of the boot video with no links to images or videos online.
In addition, EnsureDR offers an interactive and intuitive dashboard with reports based on some factors related to data recovery operation. Our solution employs massive amount of computing power to generate detailed reports and predictive analytics on the recovery process. The reports are also customizable and interactive to cover your specifications of the key performance indicators.
EnsureDR is focused on generating insights as fast as possible during the recovery process. In effect, we deploy our expertise to offer real-time reporting and extrapolative analytics. We use comprehensive forecasting and trending algorithm to reveal future capacity challenges that should be solved to meet your data requirements. The process also detects potential resource conflicts.

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Servers recovery on live video generates a realistic picture of the disaster recovery readiness.

Live is the best way to see your servers turned-on in real time. Field your unsatisfied burning question if you will recover when a disaster happens, see each server and measure the boot time for each VM.
EnsureDR captures live video of VMS boot process at the DR site while the test is running. The live video expressed in the report as a live proof that the servers were up and running in the DR site. IT can spot any issues in the boot process such as long startup updates, boot crashes or any issue preventing from the VM OS to startup. EnsureDR empowers businesses to expand their DR usage, scale-up the current DR infrastructure with confidence, redefine availability and simplify the fail-over procedure. The result is a highly accessible, resilient, on-demand infrastructure that provides the ideal foundation for any DR environment.
In a complex environment, EnsureDR simplifies the fact whether the business can recover. It actually exceeds your expectations for recovery by far. EnsureDR is fully integrated on top of the company’s DR solution. This integrated feature enables you to automate the DR test and get a detailed report on a weekly or monthly basis. This important test identifies weaknesses in the DR plan prior to an actual disaster situation.

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Make sure users will get their application portal in a case of disaster

EnsureDR will test your internal web portals and sites to make sure they are up and running and responding with no 404-error page or any other error in your intranet. EnsureDR can also check if specific servers can reach an external web site as long as there is an external gateway in the DR site. Our portal testing checklist includes application functionality assessment, usability evaluation, interface assessment, security testing, and performance inspection. EnsureDR offers automated testing process to save on execution cost and time.

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EnsureDR has a skilled technical know-how and resources to optimize and update your IT services, giving you time and confidence to focus on your primary business operations. Our platform support service ensures that your platforms are updated, and your data centers are available at all time. Benefit from our experience in managing different platforms such as

  • Windows 2016 Hyper-V and VMware ESX 6.5 platform support
  • New support for target virtualization platform – Windows 2016 Hyper-V and VMware vCPhere 6.5.
  • VMware SRM 6.5, Zerto 5.5, Double-Take 8.1, Hyper-V replica 2016.
  • Linux test support, Latest Redhat, CentOS and Ubuntu.

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Run jobs now and see last results

With Jobs Management businesses can open new mini console that summaries all jobs with details such as replication solution, how many servers where tested, last run, next run and test results. Using a smart time saving with the ability to run the jobs directly from the mini console and see the latest report of each job. For IT managers this means a considerable reduction in time-consuming admin and an increase in profitability. From now on, as an IT manager, you do not need to perform a period DR test, which is time-consuming and risky. Instead, you now have a tool to do this for you Through innovative planning, we built a breakthrough product that accelerates the journey to DR solutions, helping IT departments to have a resilient, on-demand infrastructure that is the ideal foundation for any DR environment.

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