EnsureDR Alliances

EnsureDR Alliance Partners

The EnsureDR Alliance Partner program is designed to drive higher market share and profitability for our Alliance Partners through joint development efforts and strategic activities that increase industry awareness and customers value.

EnsureDR is committed to working with a global network of strategic alliances to provide best in class solutions for customers worldwide. Our alliances allow for expanding joint market reach and gaining greater awareness for our joint solutions.

EnsureDR Alliance with VMWARE SRM

EnsureDR is fully integrated with SRM, making it easy to manage disaster recovery tests automatically with just a simple click of a button. EnsureDR tests your DR site weekly, fully automated. It Predicts DR problems ahead and alerts you, so you don’t have to deal with them at disaster time. With EnsureDR intelligent automation of DR tests, you can see your disaster recovery readiness for real and receive alerts based on your recovery time objective (RTO) and recovery point objective (RPO). EnsureDR make it simple and smarter to verify your recovery site really works.

EnsureDR Alliance with Zerto

EnsureDR integrates with Zerto to obviate the need to manually test dozens or hundreds of servers. This reduce complexity and risk in your business enviroment. For Zerto, EnsureDR making it easy to manage disaster recovery tests automatically with just a simple click of a button. The automatic test run in a bubble network and float any issues that wasn’t visible while the replication running so the customer will be ready better for any Live DR Scenario. When finished it sends a summary report to the customer

EnsureDR Alliance with Double-Take

With EnsureDR for Double-Take, you can do automatic test even every few days and get the grantee that your environment will work when you need it. With EnsureDR you get to predict DR problems ahead and avoid dealing with them at disaster points. EnsureDR reveals problems as part of this automating testing ability, which increases your DR site readiness dramatically. Organizations expects a much higher reliability from a DR solution then a backup solution and by that need a better method to be assured their DR will work when disaster happens.

EnsureDR Alliance with ISPs, Service Providers and DRaaS

As a service provider you need to manage variety of DR vendors and test thousands of replicated servers. EnsureDR enables you to use one software to all vendors and test group of servers automatically. It’s a 1 automatic test to multi replication vendors. On top of time saving, you get to cut costs and combine all tests to one screen. With EnsureDR’s centralized dashboard you can see your disaster recovery readiness for real by servers groups, test execution status, and receive alerts based on your recovery time objective (RTO) and recovery point objective (RPO).

“Our partnership with EnsureDR exceeded our expectations for DR as a service by far. Currently we able to obviate the need to test manually thousands of servers and to create different tests for each group of servers. With the help of EnsureDR auto-test technology, our customers base grew by up to 40 percent as they got inspired by the unique value of the monthly report they are receiving, fully automated, reliable, and safe.“

Eran Shchori

Department Manager, Infrastructure computing, Business Solutions

Compare Our Test Capabilities

Compare Our Test Capabilities

Verify your customer’s recoverability

Disaster recovery solutions do not recover for sure. Every DR specialist knows this. In today’s world, there are three major factors that change and influence disaster recovery (DR) concepts: Complexity, Overload, Cyber. Given the history of disasters, both the wide range of events and the loss of money to businesses that disasters caused, it is time to face the fact that a key factor for a DR plan to succeed is the Testing & Exercising phase, which is the most important stage of business continuity planning and disaster recovery. With EnsureDR you get to lower your customer’s business risks. EnsureDR test their recovery site automatically every month and predicts DR problems ahead. This unique capability Identify weaknesses in the DR plan prior to an actual disaster situation.

When a disaster strikes, what does your organization have to lose?

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