EnsureDR for ZERTO

EnsureDR test DR readiness with Zerto

EnsureDR is fully integrated with Zerto, making it easy to manage disaster recovery tests automatically with just a simple click of a button. Whether your recovery reside in your own data center or in the cloud, you can be confident they are protected.

EnsureDR integrates with Zerto to obviate the need to manually test dozens or hundreds of servers. This reduce complexity and risk in your business environment. EnsureDR with Zerto reducing error lists of manual DR tests.

EnsureDR Guarantees That Recovery Really Works

The automatic test run in a bubble network and float any issues that wasn’t visible while the replication running so the customer will be ready better for any Live DR Scenario. When finished it sends a summary report to the customer. With EnsureDR for ZERTO, you can do automatic test even every few days and get the grantee that your environment will work when you need it. Organizations expects a much higher reliability from a DR solution then a backup solution and by that need a better method to be assured their DR will work when disaster happens. EnsureDR gives that.

EnsureDR benefits for ZERTO

• Reliable DR by doing automatic DR tests
• Test inside VMs without connecting them to the network
• Schedule an automatic monthly test
• Create deferent tests for each group of servers
• Test application inside VMs
• Predict problems in DR before a disaster happen
• Detailed report of DR state with tested VM screenshots
• Get a real RTA (Recovery Time Actual) tested

EnsureDR benefits for ZERTO

How It Works

In a complex environment EnsureDR simplifies the fact whether the business can recover. It actually exceeds your expectations for recovery by far. EnsureDR is fully integrated on top of the company’s DR solution. This integrated feature enables you to automate the DR test and get a detailed report on weekly or monthly basis. This important test Identify weaknesses in the DR plan prior to an actual disaster situation.

EnsureDR for Zerto replication

Increases your DR site readiness

EnsureDR empowers businesses to expand their DR usage and scale up the current DR infrastructure with confidence, redefines availability, and simplifies the fail over procedure. The result is a highly available, resilient, on-demand infrastructure that is the ideal foundation for any DR environment. Other companies’ DR tests are not only manual but react solely to unknown variables no one has control over.

With EnsureDR you get to predict DR problems ahead and avoid dealing with them at disaster points. EnsureDR reveals problems as part of this automating testing ability, which increases your DR site readiness dramatically.

Increases your DR site readiness

When a disaster strikes, what does your organization have to lose?

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