EnsureDR for VMware SRM

Guarantee that VMware SRM recovery works

Storage base replication is the most common DR solution among business. This solution involved thousands of servers with a variety of OS. Given the history of disasters, both the wide range of events and the loss of money to businesses that disasters caused, EnsureDR became to be a key factor for a DR plan to succeed. EnsureDR automate the Testing & Exercising phase, which is the most important stage of business continuity planning and disaster recovery. EnsureDR Make sure your DR site really works by predicts DR Problems Ahead.

Intelligent automation of DR tests

Intelligent automation of DR tests

EnsureDR is fully integrated with SRM, making it easy to manage disaster recovery tests automatically with just a simple click of a button. EnsureDR tests your DR site weekly, fully automated. It Predicts DR problems ahead and alerts you, so you don’t have to deal with them at disaster time. With EnsureDR intelligent automation of DR tests, you can see your disaster recovery readiness for real and receive alerts based on your recovery time objective (RTO) and recovery point objective (RPO). EnsureDR make it simple and smarter to verify your recovery site really works.

EnsureDR benefits for VMware SRM

• Reliable DR by doing automatic DR tests
• VMware SRM integration
• Test inside VMs without connecting them to the network
• Schedule a test every few days.
• Create deferent tests for each group of servers
• Test application inside VMs
• Predict problems in DR before a disaster happen
• Detailed report of DR state with tested VM screenshots
• Get a real RTA (Recovery Time Actual) tested

EnsureDR benefits for SRM

How It Works

The automatic test run in a bubble network and float any issues that wasn’t visible while the replication running so the customer will be ready better for any Live DR Scenario. When finished it sends a summary report to the customer. VMware SRM got manual tests only that take time and hassle. With EnsureDR for VMware SRM, you can do automatic test even every few days and get the grantee that your environment will work when you need it.

VMware for SRM How It Works

EnsureDR integrated with SRM, reveals problems as part of this automating testing ability, which increases your DR site readiness dramatically. The primary objective of the test in to identify weaknesses that can be fixed before an actual disaster happens. This purpose can’t be achieved if the test doesn’t get the focus he should. Recovery plan get to be tested once; At Live Disaster. If it doesn’t work, your customer may lose a lot of money or lose his business. The goal of testing is to find errors and false procedures that can be fixed to make sure the DR plan works. The business continuity planning and disaster recovery must be tested consistently and deeply in order to prove its coherence to reality.

EnsureDR make sure your VMware SRM really works


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Your business is at risk! Your recovery plan get to be tested once at live disaster, if it doesn’t work, you may lose your business. The possibility that 50% of your resources will not recovered when struck by disaster is very high,

To answer thse risks EnsureDR enables you to identifying weaknesses int he DR plan prior to an actual disaster situation. EnsureDR tests your DR site weekly, fully automated. It predicts DR problems ahead and alerts you so you don’t have to deak with them at disaster time

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