EnsureDR for VMware SRM

Guarantee that VMware SRM recovery works

Storage-based replication is the most common DR solution that is currently deployed in the market. This solution involves thousands of servers deployed together with a wide variety of operating systems. The DR market is well aware of the large number of real DR events encountered by enterprises that implemented a storage-based DR solution. As a result of both the wide range of real DR events and the associated financial loss incured, EnsureDR has become a significant and essential part of a successful DR plan. EnsureDR automates the testing & exercising phase of a DR plan, which is the most important stage of business continuity planning and disaster recovery. EnsureDR makes sure the DR site really works by predicting DR problems ahead of a real DR event.

Intelligent automation of DR tests

Intelligent automation of DR tests

EnsureDR is fully integrated with SRM, making it easy to manage disaster recovery tests automatically with just a simple click of a button. EnsureDR tests your DR site weekly or daily, and these tests can be fully automated. EnsureDR predicts DR problems ahead of a real DR event and alerts users accordingly obviating the need to deal with them at the time of a real disaster. Through EnsureDR users can schedule intelligent and automated DR tests and experience disaster recovery readiness by receiving alerts based on the desired recovery time objective (RTO) and recovery point objective (RPO). EnsureDR makes it simple to verify that the recovery site really works.

EnsureDR benefits for VMware SRM

• Reliable DR through automated DR tests
• VMware SRM integration
• Test inside VMs without connecting them to the network
• Schedule tests on a monthly, weekly or daily basis
• Create different tests for each group of servers
• Test applications inside VMs
• Predict problems in DR before a disaster occurs
• Detailed report of DR state with tested VM screenshots
• A real tested recovery time, RTA (Recovery Time Actual), compared to the desired recovery time, RTO (Recovery Time Objective)

EnsureDR benefits for SRM

How It Works

The automated tests run in a bubble network and expose any problems that are not visible while the replication tool is running, ensuring the user is well prepared for any live DR scenario. On test completion, in addition to a summary report of test results which is sent to the user, the test results are displayed through the online dashboard. VMware SRM only provides a manual test which both takes more time to execute as well as increases the likelihood of error through the human intervention required for its execution. With EnsureDR for VMware SRM, users can automate tests as frequently as required (monthly, weekly or even daily) with no human intervention required and are guaranteed that the DR environment will work at the time of a real DR event.

VMware for SRM How It Works

EnsureDR integrated with SRM, exposes problems with DR procedures through its automated testing capability, dramatically increasing DR site readiness. The primary objective of DR tests is to identify weaknesses that can be fixed before a real disaster event occurs. This cannot be achieved if the DR testing procedures are not given the needed attention they deserve. A Disaster Recovery Plan(DRP) is put to the test once: At the time of a live disaster. If the DRP fails, it could be detremental to the enterprise leading to financial loss or damage to the enterprises reputation. The goal of testing is to find errors and false procedures that can be fixed to make sure the DR plan works. The business continuity and disaster recovery plans need to be tested continuously and consistently in order to prove their coherence and reliability.

EnsureDR makes certain your VMware SRM really works


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Your business is at risk! Your recovery plan is tested once at the time of a live disaster. If it fails, your business will suffer huge losses both financial and it terms of its reputation. The possibility that 50% of your resources will not recover when struck by a disaster is very high.

To address this risk EnsureDR enables you to identify weaknesses in the DR plan prior to an actual disaster situation. EnsureDR tests your DR site monthly, weekly or daily, and fully automates the testing procedures. It predicts DR problems ahead of time and alerts users so there is no need to deal with them at the time of a real disaster.

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