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Obviate the need to test thousands of servers

A service provider (SP) needs to manage a variety of DR replication vendors while at the same time having the ability to test thousands of replicated servers. EnsureDR enables a SP through a single software platform to cater for all replication vendors and automate testing of thousands of replicated servers. It provides a single automated testing solution for multiple replication vendors with the added advantage of saving time and cutting costs by combining all tests into a single screen view. Through EnsureDR’s centralized online dashboard, users can view the disaster recovery readiness score for different server groups, view test execution status, and receive alerts based on predefined recovery time objectives (RTO) and recovery point objectives (RPO).

Obviate the need

Verify your customer’s recoverability

Verify your customers recoverability

Every DR specialist knows that no matter what DR solution is implemented, the ability to recover is not certain. In today’s world, there are three major factors that change and influence disaster recovery (DR) ability: Complexity, Overload and Cyber. Given the history of disasters, both the wide range of events and the associated financial loss, enterprises need to face the fact that a key factor for a DR plan to succeed is the testing & exercising phase, which is the most important stage of BCP/DR (business continuity planning / disaster recovery) planning. EnsureDR addresses this need by allowing users to test their recovery site through automated testing procedures on a monthly, weekly or daily basis exposing DR problems ahead of a real DR event. Through EnsureDR’s thorough and frequent testing capabilites, the risk associated with DR failure is significantly reduced. 

A unique value proposition for customers in the datacenter

Enterprises that implement DR-as-a-Service (DRaaS) are concerned with 3 main risks at the time of a disaster event:

1. Having a DR plan that doesn’t function when it is needed

2. Dealing with problems at the time of a disaster

3. Financial loss as a result of down time

Current test capabilities are manual, superficial, lack verification and depend on a single test executed once a year. In an ever-changing IT environment, EnsureDR represents the new intelligent automation of DR tests. EnsureDR automates disaster recovery testing and virtually eliminates human and machine error. Through EnsureDR it becomes simpler to ensure recovery sites really work.

Unique Value

Compare Our Test Capabilities

Compare Our Test Capabilities

Exceed customer expectations for DR-as-a-Service (DRaaS)

EnsureDR enables DRaaS. Consider that DR replication does not translate into a working DR site. Although many cloud solutions provide a good service in terms of backup and replication, they don’t cover all testing aspects of DR. When choosing a DRaaS recovery site the customer’s task is to get a highly available, resilient, on-demand infrastructure that provides the ideal foundation for a DR environment. The primary objective of the test is to identify DR weaknesses that can be fixed before an actual disaster happens. This can’t be achieved if DR testing does not get the focus and attention it requires. A recovery plan is tested once: At the time of a live disaster. If it doesn’t work, a customer is exposed to financial loss as well as damage to its reputation. The goal of testing is to find errors and false procedures that can be fixed to make sure the DR plan works. The business continuity planning and disaster recovery (BCP/DR) must be tested thoroughly and frequently in order to prove its coherence and resilience.

EnsureDR exceeds customers expectations

When a disaster strikes, what does your organization have to lose?

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