Many of you have questions about EnsureDR’s future. EnsureDR is taking the next step in our growth regarding the future market valuation part of my vision. In the beginning of this new year, we have decided to raise funds and to scale up. EnsureDR’s long-term vision is to change the disaster recovery industry by changing the focus from replication to recoverability.

EnsureDR’s total addressed market (TAM) is more than $100B. Here are a few of the relevant market segments that value and choose EnsureDR:

  • EnsureDR’s TAM to the financial market in the US only is $5.6B.

Banks and insurance organizations, which operate under regulations, currently must test their ability to recover twice a year. Regulators recently changed it from once a year. But two tests a year is far from enough. During that time gap, the business is at risk. Moreover, those manual tests are not manageable, are complex and time consuming. EnsureDR’s automatic monthly test solves all issues for them. We have spoken with 30 financial institutions in the US. All of them approved EnsureDR as a “must-have” tool, a product that solves a major problem, reduces costs, and works with the current environment with no change needed.

Numbers: There are 6,799 banking institutions in the US, plus 304 major insurance companies that provide financial services, which is a total of 7,103 financial institutions. On average, each has 10,000 servers. IT guy can test two servers per hour. His average fee is $80 for an hour. 10,000 servers multiplied by $80 (hour / server) times 7,103 orgs = $5.6B.  

From an ROI point of view; a technician needs 30 minutes for every tested server. So for example, with two servers completed in an hour at an average fee of $80 an hour, EnsureDR get to $40 for every server. That’s a 50% ROI.

  • EnsureDR’s TAM for the cloud providers market in the US only is $6B.

Cloud providers that manage DR service for their customers are responsible for the periods during DR tests. That service is too complex to handle, it’s not manageable, and is time consuming. Part of a survey we conducted among 20 top DRAAS providers showed they all point to EnsureDR as a “must” tool.

Numbers: There are 7,000 ISPs in the US. Among them, 1,500 are DR service specialists. Each has an average of 50,000 servers, multiplied by $80, times 1,500 orgs = $6B.

  • EnsureDR’s TAM for direct customers and partners like integrators and distributors is more than $29B.

They all sell VMware SRM, Zerto, and other replication vendors that EnsureDR works on top of each solution. Those resellers have a fast and easy ability to sell EnsureDR to current customers and as part of a deal.

Numbers: In the US there are 16,000 ENT organizations with an average of 10,000 servers each + 200,000 mid-market orgs with an average of 1,000 servers each and relevant big 100,000 SME orgs with 100 servers each. Multiplied each by $80 and we get to $29B.

TAM in the US market can get to $41B. With India, China, Japan, and Europe, the total TAM gets to more than $100B.

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